Abnormal power consumtion during deep sleep abaut 15% of all Boards Cubecel HTC AB01

Abnormal power consumtion during deep sleep abaut 20% of all Boards Cubecel HTC AB01

Support doesn’t answer any E-Mail.




could you show more details?

Here ist the Topic with pictures of the problem:



I have the same Problem (8mA). Is there a solution or do I have to buy boards until there is a good one?


could you try this code?

With this code, the board still consumes about 8mA. See photo please.
BTW: Using a AAA battery pack via JST, the power consume is according spec.Stromverbrauch

What power supply are you using? 5V power? 3.3V pin Power? You mentioned that there is no problem using battery power. Then there should be no problem with 5V power supply and 3.3V pin header power supply. please refer the picture:

Maybe i missed something.

I’m using a 3.7V Lipo battery (up to 4V) on the VIN pin (AB-01 Pinout Diagram) which allows 5V. I don’t find this in your picture, sorry. Shall I try Vext Pin?

Please refer the link:

Please make sure Vin>= 4.7V.

I suspect that because your power supply voltage is insufficient, the system does not operate properly and thus does not enter the low power consumption correctly.

Therefore, it is normal for you to use this method to test low power consumption。

I will check this option.
But the Spec says, Lithium powering is possible between 3.3V and 4.2V. Which pins shall I use for this?

Please note that the battery power requirement shown in the table you see refers to: the power requirement at A in the figure below。

And the requirement of Vin pin:

I used the same pins (JST plug) for the lipo (3.7V) as for the battery pack (3.3V) and it worked. The low power consumtion was in the aera of micoAmpere. Thank you!

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Hi jasonXu,
in mulitple threads you can read, that the Cube Cell Board AB01 has serious problems with deep sleep applications. Increasing power consumption over time. Is your company indending to do something about this problem, instead of filling yet another meterlong thread?
Best regards