HTTC AB01 Deep Sleep power consumtion deviate significantly


normally these boards have a power consumption (DeepSleep) of 20µA But I have two boards that deviate significantly from this power consumption. One has 4 mA the other board has 8 mA.

The basis is the cubecell lorawan example program!

Class A
Uplinkmode unconfirmed
Net_reservation off
AT-Support off
RGB deactive

Is there a hardware-problem?



CubeCell will automatically enter low power consumption mode after LoRaWAN is joined the network. Can you provide photos of your measurement of low power consumption?

Here a photo:

Here a photo, same software and test construction, but an other board:

The result: 17µA, what was expected!



Please compare the low-power normal and low-power abnormal development boards, and observe whether the low-power abnormal development boards have components dropped or poor welding. And you can provide photos of low-power abnormal development boards, and we can help you observe them.

The board actually had a soldering mistake that I fixed!
(Two Pins on IC CP2102)

Here the hole board:


Hi what was the soldering error was it in manufacturing? As I have 2 board with similar issues. Simon

Sorry, I didn’t see any problem from the picture, you can try this example, this example can more clearly observe the low power consumption. LowPower_WakeUpByTimer

Yes, the bridge between two pins was the delivery condition. However, removing the solder bridge did not solve the problem of high deepsleep current.

Yes, l also see now no soldering-problem!

I tested the board with the LowPower_WakeUpByTimer-Programm.

The current changes between 14,8 mA and 4,0 mA!


Very sorry, our after-sales staff will contact you.

Hmm, never realized soldering mistakes, @shaffer can I have your feedback on this please.

Very sorry, 1 and 2 are the welding points of the shielding cover, and 3 is the filter capacitor of the serial port chip. Can you solder the capacitor back? If it affects the use, please leave your email address and our after-sales staff will contact you.

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Forgot to add pictures

I wrote to the after-sales staff, but today there is no respose.

Now i have three boards with heavy deepsleep current counsumtion.



Maybe you can check the voltage on ADC and 3.3V pin.
If the ADC >2.4V
Power the device by Vbat 4.2V will case 3.3V go higher.
There should be some leakage due to IO pin overvoltage.