AB01 Battery powered deep sleep power consumption increases

I bought several devives to devlop autonomous Lorawan Nodes. I use a 3.7 Volt Battery for the battery connector on the underside of the board. For a couple days/weeks, the specs for deep sleep are fulfilled. But then suddenly the consumption in deep sleep goes up to 5mA. This happend with serveral ab01 boards now! What could go wrong here? Is there a fix?
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Additional Info: I used the example LowPower_WakeUpByTimer.ino, which is delievered by Heltec. The Board in question (battery powered) uses 1mA. The I testet a brand new AB01 board with the same sketch and it consumed about 14 µA. This increase in power consumption happend to 3 boards now. Any message form the producer?
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I can confirm that some boards have heavy deepsleep current consumtion!

I think its a hardware-problem- My solution is to to sort out the defective boards!

It’s really unsightly!

Abnormal power consumtion during deep sleep abaut 15% of all Boards Cubecel HTC AB01 - Heltec Automation Technical Community

HTTC AB01 Deep Sleep power consumtion deviate significantly - CubeCell - Heltec Automation Technical Community


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LI-SOCL2 3.6V batteries have a small output current <50mA
LoRa transmission powered more than 100mA
During transmission, the battery voltage drops below the operating value and the transmission cycle is broken or the controller to reboot

  1. Perform battery depassivation
  2. Use batteries with an operating current> 100mA: ER18505, ER26505 or high-current ER14250M, ER14505M
  3. Try to put an electrolytic capacitor> 1000uF in parallel with the power
  4. I have one CubeCell 1 / 2AA did not go to Deep Sleep. I replaced it

Hi Ernst, Unfortunatly all my cubecell boards seem (4 out of 5 and the last isnt yet used) to go this way after time. Which other loraboard could you recommend for low power tasks? the arduino mkr1010 is expernsive but good but has a 1 call per 2 minute limitation built in. Therefore it cannot be used for event based applications. Wisen talk2 is fine too, but has to little memory now for LORAWAN only for LORA.

as stated above, it also happens with the simple low power example of heltec, without Lora. And its permanent.

Ok, more than a call per minute?

Look at Duty Cycle | The Things Network please!

There are many board on the market with low power consumtion:

Some boards with Atmega-MC and RF95-module and some moduls with STM-Chips

seeed e5 mini


You can programm with the STM32CUBEIDE