WiFI LoRa ESP32 V1 not joining TTN

I found an older V1 board with OLEDs and wanted to connect it to the TTN via one of my gateways. I uploaded the test sketch and it stops while displaying “JOINING…” After looking through the code I concluded, that it must be the gateways which has not been configured correctly. The only topic I found with similiar problems was:

But I don’t really know what changing the frequency sub-band means in the context of LoRa.

My Gateways at hand are a dragino gateway and a raspberry pi with a dragino LoRa GPS shield. But it seems to not connect to either one of those. I tried changing the RX and TX frequencies to the ones I get from the monitor of the ESP via USB, but it still remains at showing “JOINING…”

The configurabilty of the Gateway can be seen here:

Does anyone have an idea what I can try to change on either the ESP or Gateway Side?

Thanks in advance!

This document may make sense to you:

Sadly, this link only yields an Error “SORRY This page does not exist yet.”
But this link works: https://heltec-automation-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/general/sub_band_usage.html

But I didn’t find the part in the source code of the OTAA_OLED example to change for testing whether that fixes my problem. :confused:

It did connect to my Gateway but the JOINING on the screen is caused by the joining request to TTN which seems to be not correct, since it sends it over and over, instead of connecting.
Here is a screenshot of the Join Request as seen on the Gateway on TTN:

Does anyone have an idea what to fix, so that the ESP can join TTN? The APP Key in commisioning.h seems to be correct.

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did you manage to connect your esp 32 lora to the dragino?