WiFI LoRa ESP32 V1 not joining my gateways

I found an older V1 board with OLEDs and wanted to connect it to the TTN via one of my gateways. I uploaded the test sketch and it stops while displaying “JOINING…” After looking through the code I concluded, that it must be the gateways which has not been configured correctly. The only topic I found with similiar problems was:

But I don’t really know what changing the frequency sub-band means in the context of LoRa.

My Gateways at hand are a dragino gateway and a raspberry pi with a dragino LoRa GPS shield. But it seems to not connect to either one of those. I tried changing the RX and TX frequencies to the ones I get from the monitor of the ESP via USB, but it still remains at showing “JOINING…”

The configurabilty of the Gateway can be seen here:

Does anyone have an idea what I can try to change on either the ESP or Gateway Side?

Thanks in advance!

This document may make sense to you:

Sadly, this link only yields an Error “SORRY This page does not exist yet.”
But this link works: https://heltec-automation-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/general/sub_band_usage.html

But I didn’t find the part in the source code of the OTAA_OLED example to change for testing whether that fixes my problem. :confused: