Unable to connect to Cubecell AB01 on macOS BigSur

The driver that is mentioned on the wiki is not able to detect the cubecell on macOS BugSur.

For driver, I followed the instructions at https://heltec-automation-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/general/establish_serial_connection.html

The device seems to be turning on but the OS doesn’t detect it. Is this is a known issues?

Hi @tckb
Can you show your error message or log? I encounter this problem before and you can reference to this link: http://community.heltec.cn/t/fail-to-compile-link-upload-arduino-list-ports-osx-py/3341/7?u=s0301132

hi @s0301132 thanks for answering!

The issue seems to be with the cable. I bought a different cable that actually supports the data transfer, instead of charging only. This fixed the issue.