[SOLVED]Cubecell 9250 Row, Pitch, Yaw

Is there a way to get the Roll Pitch and Yaw output of the Cubecell with the Gyro? Evertime I think I have it figured out, I get nothing.

Is MPU9250 can fit your need?

I am using the mpu9250. I just need it to show orientation or yaw pitch and roll. I cannot get the code to display it

perhaps the values magX, magY, magZ fits your needs

I need to track the orientation of an object and set an alert if it travels more than 3 degrees. This is usually done by combining the outputs with formulas from the 9dofs output. But when I add the library for the the math portion I get an error compiling for the cubecell. I am going to try using the BNO055 as it will do the calculations on the board and should output the Yaw pitch and roll orientations to the cubecell .

Do you have already work out the yaw pitch and roll on other platform?

If yes, please provide some more information and let me have a try.

Trying to use Sparkfun https://github.com/sparkfun/MPU-9250_Breakout
The example for Orientation

with the last commit to github you can now do this:

      Serial.println("pitch: " + String(mpu9250.pitch()));
      Serial.println("roll: " + String(mpu9250.roll()));
      Serial.println("yaw: " + String(mpu9250.yaw()));
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I will give it try later today and let you know how it works out…Thanks for taking the time to do this.

After a really long day at work, I tried to get one of the examples to run with Roll Pitch and Yaw but was unable to. Can you update one the examples in the librarys or post it here?

I will try to update an example later this day

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I see you updated one of the examples. I figured out what I was doing wrong and your example really helped…thanks.

glad you figured it out.

Now to try the interrupt example with the RPY values. Should be fun.

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