Solar Panel Input on Cube Cell Board

I can’t find information about the solar input.
I could only find that the input is for a 5.5V or 7V panels
In the schematic PDF it is not detailed

As solar panels had no fix voltage, I would like to know:
. Max. Amp allowed
. Max Voltage allowed
. What is the voltage ‘window’ when the board will work?
. What would it happen if the voltage drops? if it goes up?
I connected a 5.5V 100mA solar panel but, as it was cloudy and it was bringing only 2.X volts, it didn’t turn the board on.
Then, I connected 7.5V panel giving ~4.5V and it start working.
But I am afraid of what would happened over 7V.
I would like to know:
. Is the solar input charging the battery?
. It would be helpful too to know the IC power manager for this.

Well, you’ve answered one of my questions at least, that being “Do you just connect the positive lead of the solar panel to the VS pin?” (I’m assuming that that’s what you did.)

But I too would like to know if the solar panel input charges the battery.

connect the solar panel
++ --> VS
– --> GND

at it will charge the battery.

if the solar panel voltage gets below 4.2V it will not charge.
the charging circuit have a maximum input of 7V.

the solar panel input is only for charging the battery. dont use it to power the cubecell.
the cubecell will reboot everytime the voltage drops below 4.2V and will reboot.

Sure. To VS input and GND.

Do you mean when the voltage drops below 4.2 and there’s no battery connected? or even with battery connected it will reboot?
Over 7V, the board will be damaged?

Yes without battery .

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Which charging IC is used? It would be interessting so find a suitable solar cell as I could not find one with only 7V solar input voltage.

Here is the block diagramm

It is easy to find a 6v solar cell on aliexpress for example.