New Wifi Kit 32 Oled

Hi all,
few month ago I setup my Wifi Kit 32 Oled with some sensors like fsr and mlx, it worked fine.
Few days ago I ordered a new one and noticed that was a bit different from what I had; after few researches I discovered that the last is the new version.

Now, I have some issue with this new version that I had not with the previous (I also did some back to back flashing both chip with same code):

  • Low brightness: the new kit has really low brightness, also playing with contrast and other parameters (it seems not be sensitive to any configuration).
  • Flickering when using pin 21: I connected the mlx (temperature sensor) to pin 21 and 22 (SDA and SCL) as in the previous version; as soon as I activate the pin reading the screen start to flickering with high/low brightness.
    -Wifi name: I am using the Wifi Kit 32 as AP, but the network name assign is not taking any effect (the oled network that I found with my phone is something ‘ESP_xxx’ and not the name that I assign in the code, e.g. ‘myNetwork’)

Any suggestion? It is really frustrating as the previous one worked flowless.

Thanks in advance