LoRa Node 151 debug log print problem (Solved)

Currently, the example code for LoRaWAN protocol is based on STM32L151CBU6 (indeed the LoRa Node 151 is STM32L151CCU6), the debug log output via UART1, it means if output the logs, users need a USB-UART bridge.

In order to meet the low power characteristic, we closed the log output default via macro definition.

Define USE_DEBUGGER or add it in Keil options to enable it:

If everything is ok, it should be such an effect:

The log output via USB_CDC (virtual serial port) version is in debugging, users can contact us via email to get the new version code.

Debug log output via USB_CDC

See part 3. Print debug log via USB_CDC (USB virtual com port) or UART