Lora log transactions not sent to helium

I have many packets size 52 for witness in logs which appear to not go to the helium network, i went all day with no witness but see many entries for beacons in log why so

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This is happening on several Heltec units I got aswell…


Very frustrating when if i swap to a nebra or sensecap witnesses are picked up

I have the same issue. 25 november 2021, a day without blockchain issues, I was online and synced all day. I see plenty size:52 packets in the lora logs. Yet only 3 witnesses received.

Does this have anything to do with the older 2021-10-18 OTA upgrade v1.1.3
where mining rewards were hijacked by unrelated machines?

Same problem here too! It has been for a while like this and it stinks like another hacking attack! Many people are complaining about the same issue in the discord. Could you please do something about it?

Same here. Seemd to be rather recent issue.

I’m also seeing this issue!!

Looking at the lora logfile of my Heltec I can see that in a time frame of 3h I have received 21 beacons (data size 52) all valid SNR/RSSI values (Pocv10), but this result only in 4 registered witnesses.

The other 2 compared hotspots (RAK) have 15+ registered witnessed in that same time frame.
These hotspots are 400-800m away, same height, same antenna, and same conditions landscape wise.

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I also have the same issue. For example on the 25th of November my Lora Log shows that my Heltec miner had over 40 “size”:52,“data” transactions but no new witnesses associated with those transactions. I am in a good location with everything setup correctly, using the stock aerial, but the reward scale is very poor compared to other miners (Sensecap, Bobcat etc) in my location.


Same here. We need a fix asap.

Wish I never bought Heltec miners. The support presence is dismal compared to other brands.

I have seen the same behaviour.

Heltec problems:Many already contacted Helium as they are the ones approved Heltec.

  1. Discord is useless I thought that helium requires them to have discord, but come on, zero support there.(i know discord is banned in china, but still).

  2. Their RSSI calculation is wrong, they give as an output RSSiS instead of RSSI and because of that most witnesses are not detected as they would be above the dBm limit.
    RSSiS=RSSI+SNR by checking what they are doing, you see that your RSSI value on the explorer is actually RSSI+SNR/2 (if SNR is minus)

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How will this be fixed? I’m not witnessing anything

Looking at my LORA Logs I have 21 size 52 data transactions but on the Helium explorer I have only 1 witness transaction. What has happened to the other 21 transactions?

This is a serious issue

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Second Image to show only 1 Witness transaction vs the lora log in my previous reply

I have highlighted the only transaction in each image

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I have the same problem. I have hundreds of POC beacons 52 size in a day. But I only witness like 1 in a day. Our hotspots underperforming against others. We loose in the “fight” of 18 witness randomization.

almost all have the same Problem

I have the same problem too

So many people have the same problem! I hope you guys have a solution for it! For last 7 days the device has worked 2 days only!!! The other 5 days 0 earnings, death! I really regret I bought it!