HTCC01-AB01 LoRa Band Option

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When we want to buy a HTCC01-AB01 on Heltec site, we have to choose the LoRa band (433MHz, 470-510MHz, 863-870MHz, 902-928MHz). However, on some vendor sites like Amazon, we haven’t the choice between the 868MHz and 915MHz version.

My question is : are the 868MHz and 915MHz versions are strictly equivalent or is there a subtle difference like the one mentionned in this post for the 433MHz and the 868MHz versions ?

Note : On Heltec site, the SKUs for these 2 versions are different (ZC-52-868 and ZC-52-915) but the tech specs show only 2 hardware versions (the LF one for 433->470MHz LoRa bands and the HF one for 865 -> 923 LoRa bands)


the 868MHz and 915MHz version have the same hardware(just use different software).

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Thank you @jasonXu for your response.

Can we change the software of the 868MHz and 915MHz version by ourself?
What I am asking: Can I buy a 868MHz Board and simply configure a 915MHz region in code and everything works?

Yes that is possible