Htcc-ab01 vs htcc-ab02

I have made about 30 devices with htcc-ab01, all are working very well. I have my devices working with solar panel, I2C and onewire.

I want to make a new order of 50 units.

I want to ask to support if the version htcc-ab02 wil have any difference about I2C, onewire or about battery consumption. I only want to use the screen when the user presses a button to show for a short period the current status and deveui. Mainly the screen only needs to be turned on in the installation period of the device.

I want to be sure I will not find with any surprise for example, I2C cant be used because the screen or something unexpected.

I2C is used by the display. A second I2C is available!

Hi Ernst, so I2C operation is totally transparent?


please refer this:


ok, I see there is no problem with I2C. Regarding other issues, such as battery consumption or anything else that might be different from version ab01?

Maybe @Supporter can review this post also.

Greeting from heltec.

They are no different in terms of battery. you can refer this:



@jasonXu thanks for that info. I will talk with Michelle to make the order.

@jasonXu So i want to double check with you. So in my project I have to use I2C numebr 2 becouse I2C number 1 is busy tiwh oled?

The pin number of I2C numer 2 is 36 and 37 ?

yes, The pin number of I2C numer 2 is 36 and 37.

Actually IIC No. 1 can be used. Use IIC device slave address to select device. OLEDโ€™s device slave address is 0x3c.

Got it.
In ab01 I use 2k2 resistor in sda and scl. Your recomned to use in ab02 ?


yes, our recomned to use in ab02

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Hello Friend, out of topic question:
It is possible connect the LiPo battery over a pin instead SH1.25-2.

The connector at the bottom of the board difficult connect or disconnect battery after the board are solder to PCB.


You can lead out this SH1.25-2 interface and change it to the form of pin header.

Hello friend, can you explain more please I donโ€™t understand


It is possible connect the LiPo battery over a pin instead SH1.25-2.

You think this is not easy to use. You can change this to the form of pin headers (on the pcb)

Do you mean that I should unsolder the connector on the board and change it for a header pin?

Not available on existing pins?


sorry, I didnโ€™t make it clear. I mean that when you design a new PCB, you need change the package of the battery compartment to that of the pins package.

Sorry about this, but i dont understant what you want to exaplain me.

The is other way to connect the battery or battery only can be connected over this port?: