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The Heltec Applications section has been launched!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Which includes two parts: a mobile APP and a web management platform. If you have any feedback, comments, or ideas when using the mobile APP, we welcome to share and discuss them here.

Notice! This topic is only used to discuss the mobile APP, the discussion of the Web management platform is here:

Hello did you manage to fix the login in android. On samsung device, it does not redirect to helium app instead it redirect to browser and the login does not work. Also open supported links is active but I can not see any link in supported web address

Web console not working for at least 3 days.

Mine android app working fine, but there is nothing to use. Same info like in wallet .

i tried to link the heltec app to the helium wallet on ios, but it keeps redirecting me to the app store to download the helium wallet

The heltec app just keeps saying make sure helium wallet downloaded???
Which of course it is
Any help on this please

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It’s not working. Can’t link with helium wallet app. fix it pls.

did u mange to fix it? i have same issue, downloaded latest app, and when i click on link with helium wallet app, it opens wallet ap and nothing happens. it’s never ending loop
i am on samsung s10 .
any fix???

Still won’t connect to wallet. Keeps saying make sure you have the helium wallet. Any help please

I am getting the same error on Android 12 “Please check whether Helium wallet app is installed”

Does anyone have it working on Android ?

Now that Helium hotspot management is reliant on manufacturers to provide their own app, we are stuck if Heltec won’t fix this.
I see that Nebra have taken on management of another hotspot maker’s management. Please either maintain this app or hand it over to someone who will.

The app download page says

"2022-11-9 – V1.1.1
The V1.1.1 upgrade version added the following features:

  • Bug fixes for linking Helium Wallet App."

and the download link has V1.1.1 under it, BUT the download button is linked to https://resource.heltec.cn/download/APP/Heltec-Maker-App-V1.1.0.apk and the installed app says it is indeed V1.1.0.

How do we get V1.1.1 ?

https://resource.heltec.cn/download/APP/Heltec-Maker-App-V1.1.1.apk says “not found”

EDIT: 1.1.2 downloads!


I was able to install 1.1.2 (verrry slow download) and it links to the Helium Wallet and shows my account balance.
But when I try to open the hotspot, the app crashes.

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Hello, can you plaste here some information please, such as the detail of your mobile phone, OS version, or your account ID. thank you very much!

the app does not work on any phone as far as I know
for example Google Pixel 3a (android 12) , Google Nexus 5x (android 8)

There is new android app v 1.1.3

…which still crashes but about a second later after opening hotspot details

Thank you for your careful testing.ˇWe are working hard to solve this problem as soon as possible.

The new version 1.1.4 has been released, you can try this one.

Try this new version please. Android v1.1.4: https://resource.heltec.cn/download/APP/Heltec-Maker-App-V1.1.4.apk

I tried the app yesterday and it does not crash anymore :+1:
I can select hotspot and start the location assertion procedure or start to change antenna parameters.

But because my hotspots are set up already I cannot check if the procedure finishes with success.
I also cannot check if onboarding new hotspot works.

I asked on Discord people who had problems with onboarding new hotspots but I have no response from them yet.

I’ve downloaded and installed 1.1.4 and have already connected it to my wallet, however it still shows the balance of my wallet just prior to the migration to Solana. It doesn’t even show the current new balance of my wallet. Secondly, I am trying to update the antenna details of my hotspot but I am unable to. When trying to registering the new details, the app just says it’s updating but it never goes thru. I have purchased 56000 data credits which should be enough for updating the antenna details. Kindly advise how to proceed. Thanks!