CubeCell module in-production programming with costum board

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience with setting up a standalone programmer to program CubeCell modules on custom boards ? We are looking for a method to program the module on our costum boards directly on the production line. Using a computer with the Arduino IDE is cumbersome and usually slower than when a dedicated standalone programmer is used. We currently use the UART-USB bridge like the recommended design to program them with the IDE.


When your arduino is compiled and downloaded to the development board, arduino will execute such a command:

C:\Users\username\Documents\Arduino\hardware\CubeCell\ASR650x-Arduino/tools/CubeCellflash/CubeCellflash.exe -serial COM5 C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_621666/CubeCell_BoardPlus_REGION_EU868_RGB_1.cyacd

You can save this file: CubeCell_BoardPlus_REGION_EU868_RGB_1.cyacd

and made a flash.bat to add this command. and save a CubeCellflash.exe file.
like this:

When you download the program, just double click on this flash.bat

Alright so by doing this I will still need a computer but I won’t need to use the IDE. That should speed up the process. Do you think the closest I could get to a standalone programmer is to setup a single board computer to run the flash.bat ?



here is a topic about the raspberry download tools.