Cubecell download tool for Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone,

According to our customer response, we recently updated the cubecell download tool for Raspberry Pi. The target version is armV71. Need to have compiled “.cyacd” file.

Everyone is welcome to use this tool:

Jason, thank you very much!

In order for the binary to be more compatible with different Raspberry Pi OS revisions, is it possible to build it against older Raspbian variant ?

The issue that I have locally is:

pi@raspberrypi:/run/tmp/CubeCellflash $ ./CubeCellflash
[23263] Error loading Python lib '/tmp/_MEIHRqiuw/': dlopen: /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by /tmp/_MEIHRqiuw/
pi@raspberrypi:/run/tmp/CubeCellflash $ dpkg --list | grep libc6:arm
ii  libc6:armhf                            2.24-11+deb9u1                       armhf        GNU C Library: Shared libraries

sorry, Our own tool does not support it yet. Binary files can only be supported by PSOC (or other download tools)

It is more difficult to implement this function, we may add this function later.

My statement was:
your released CubeCellflash utility for Raspberry Pi has been built against 2.28 revision of GNU C library. However, a customer’s Raspberry Pi may use older variant of that library.
The CubeCellflash utility would be more compatible if it is built against older GNU C library.


Which version do you suggest we are compatible with?

We have tested on these 3 Raspberry Pis and they are all successful: zero w, 3, 3b

Variant of Raspberry Pi itself does not matter…

Your build seems to be made on Raspbian ‘Buster’ version of Raspberry OS.
My request is to build it on previous OS revision: Raspbian ‘Stretch’:

( Not everyone has upgraded his/her Raspberry Pi with most recent revision of Raspberry OS yet )

Hey Jason =)

Any guides as to how to use that file to program with armv71 raspberry pi?
I am not very experienced.

Thanks! You can point me to some online links.

This cannot be used for programming, this is just a download tool. Need to have compiled “.cyacd” file

So if I have a compiled “.cyacd” file in the same directory as the executable. Would it download the firmware to the CubeCell?


The anwser is YES

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any update on being able to program the HTCC-AB01 with the Arduino IDE running on an PI400 (ARM7)?