Clarification on low_power example and current consumption

I’ve seen few posts on the current consumption in deep_sleep mode but I’m still confused … so asking one clarification.

I’m using an AB01 with the default low_power_with_timer example and I’m measuring current over the USB 5v plug (nothing is connected, no battery, no solar).

I’m seeing 8mA in deep_sleep, 19mA in wakeup.

this is far away from the published values, how do we measure the uA current documented values?

  1. are these values valid only when powering from the lipo battery or external 3.3v ?
  2. could you post a configuration setup for the measure 3.5uA deep sleep current mode?


actually I’ve got almost a full reply to my question reading the link in a previous post here:

but if someone could confirm that the low_power current is NOT doable when running from USB plug it would be great