Writeless Stick Lite out of program memory

I added BLE to my Wireless Stick Lite build and it is now reporting it has used 102% of the 1310720 bytes available for program storage. The product page says it has 4MB of memory. Is this limit set incorrectly or is the product page incorrect? If so, how do I overcome this size limitation?

I found the boards.txt Arduino15/packages/Heltec-esp32/hardware/esp32/0.0.5 and see that it references a board variant ‘default’ defined in Arduino15/packages/Heltec-esp32/hardware/esp32/0.0.5/tools/partitions/default.csv. This variant has two program regions limited to 1310720 bytes. While there I noticed min_spiffs which reduces the spiffs region and allocates the space to program regions.

I then changed boards.txt to instead reference min_spiffs by modifying these two lines in boards.txt:

This built and ran the BLE example.

I don’t feel great editing a system boards.txt file so it would be nice to have it as a build option or perhaps a local override of some kind but my beginner skills in Arduino are insufficient to figure that out at this point. If anyone knows how to do this please chime in.