Wireless Stick V3 OLED pins

Good afternoon,

I’m working on a simple project using Lora to transmit a gate opener signal down my 800ft driveway. I’m having an issue with identifying the pins on my boards for the OLED.

On the Wireless Stick V3 SDA and SDL are labels pins 17 and 18 respectfully. With an OLED reset on pin 21. See picture of the wiring diagram.

When I write an i2c scanner snippet for the Wireless Stick it doesn’t recognize the OLED.

BUT when i load the same script with the same pin allocation it works in my WiFI Lora 32 V3 (white board).

Since it works in the WiFi_Lora_32 board, why doesn’t it work in the wireless stick V3 board when the schematic shows the same pins for OLED. Do you know of an updated drawing that shows OLED using different pins for the wireless stick v3?

I didn’t share my code since i prototype in micropython initially on my projects.