Wireless Stick schematic?

I bought two Wireless Stick boards (Gecko), but I can’t find the schematics.
I found the pinout on Github, but unlike most other Heltec boards, the schematics for the wireless stick (Gecko) are missing.

The schematic diagram of Wireless Stick is restricted technical data, it will become downloadable after purchase, you can find it in your account page.

If you didn’t buy this product from our website or from a reseller. can you please send an email to support@heltec.cn? we will send you the schematic diagram in email.


I did buy from your website ( [Order #57522] (2019年7月28日) ), but the schematic does not appear in My Downloads, nor does it show I have ordered.

The link to the schematic was however attached to the email that I received when the order was confirmed. I only noticed because I was looking for the reference of the order.

Could you please add the order AND the download to my account?

Bumping the above question…

Dear Iguillaum

Very sorry, we are unable to manually add permissions to some early orders. Can you please send a email to us?

No need as I mentioned before. I got the schematics with the confirmation of the order.