Wireless Stick, OTAA OLED Example, OLED don't work


I purchased a Wireless stick. I flashed the OTAA OLED example from LoRaWAN examples in Arduino library. I entered all needed ID’s and the license key as well. The LoRaWAN connection works like a charme but the OLED shows nothing. I thought that the OLED is broken but by flashing the “Wireless_Stick_FactoryTest” sketch it runs perfect. This uses the heltec.cpp library. So somewhat must be wrong in the Library ESP32_LoRaWAN.cpp. What I have seen is that the Display is initialized without geometry there. I adapted the code from heltec library which sets GEOMETRY_64_32 in case of Wireless Stick. This shows at least some random pixel on the display after compile but no text.

#if defined( WIFI_LoRa_32 ) || defined( WIFI_LoRa_32_V2 ) 
	SSD1306  Display(0x3c, SDA_OLED, SCL_OLED, RST_OLED);
#elif defined( Wireless_Stick )
	SSD1306  Display(0x3c, SDA_OLED, SCL_OLED, RST_OLED, GEOMETRY_64_32);

Has somebody expierienced the same issue or a solution?
The Library I use is the “Heltec ESP32 Dev-Boards 1.1.0”