Wireless Stick Lite WiFi Performance

I have just received a couple of Panda Boards. They seem mostly OK in that I have been able to quite happily load and run the basic example sketches and a few others that I’ve previusly had running on other ESP32 modules. The exceptions are those (WiFiClient, WiFiClientBasic etc.) that involve making a WiFi connection. I pretty much have to have the node within a couple of metres of a WiFi base station to get a connection ( I can get a connection, but the range seems to be very limited). WiFi connections are no proiblem running the same sketches with any of the other nodes I’m using, including a couple of Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 and a range of other ESP32 and ESP8266 dev boards.

The LoRa side of things seems to be fine, it only seems to be the WiFi capabilitiy that’s rather limited.

Am I missing something? I’ve installed the latest version of the Heltec libraries, and I’m using the explicit board definition for the Wireless Stick Lite, but is there something else I need to do? Should the WiFi range of the Wireless Stick Lite be so much weaker than the other [ESP32] nodes? I bought the boards for their LoRa capabilities, so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s difficult to undertand why there should be such a difference.

Thanks for any feedback anyone can offer.

I actually tested it, powered the Stick Lite through a laptop, and looked at the RSSI through the serial port.
I am standing in the middle of the fire corridor, which is about 20m away from my WIFI router. It seems that the WIFI signal is very good.
Stick Lite’s WIFI hardware device quality should be the same as other nodes (such as LoRa32).
I think if there are other environmental factors that make your Stick Lite WIFI weak.