Wireless Stick Lite V3: set datarate for joining

Hi guys,

I am currently working on a project that involves the Wireless Stick Lite V3.
I successfully managed to connect it to TTN; managed to disable ADR and set a fixed datarate for uplinks.
But the join request is always sent at SF7 and I would very much like to immediately use a low datarate (high SF) for the join request. How do I achieve this?
(I am not looking for the response ‘enable ADR’ - I want to use software ADR)

Thanks in advance!

  void setDataRateForNoADR(int8_t dataRate);

Hi navi, thanks for your response.
That function only affects the Datarate for uplinks - not for a join request.
I’m still looking for a way to set the Datarate of a join request.