Wireless Stick Lite - Retrieve License Automatically

Hi Everyone!

We are deploying lots of Wireless Stick Lite as LoRaWAN Nodes.
Is there a way to retrieve the license automatically by connecting the device to a wireless network and automatically send a post with the ChipID and getting as response the license number from Heltec website during the first firmware deploy.
Has anyone developed this already?
Is there an easier way to deploy large amounts of LoRaWan nodes, instead accessing https://resource.heltec.cn/search/ for each node?

Thank you in advance!

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Winner Martins

Do you need a license to run the OTTA example? If so, for the activated node, the corresponding license will be automatically generated when the program is run, and there is no need to go to the website to obtain the license.

Hello, Shaffer! Thank You for your answer. We are running the ABP for activation. And everytime we load the firmware the Serial console asks for the license retrieved from heltec.cn/search.

We are all automatically activated now, you can send several serial numbers, and we will help you look at the batch. If it is a very early batch, this function is not available.

Thank You, Navi. Maybe the devices of the batch that we are using are very early. We will see on the next batch.