Wireless Stick Lite for AS923 LoRaWAN

Hello ,

My region LoRaWAN is AS923 Frequency Band.

How to modify LoRaWAN library to support AS923 for Wireless Stick Lite ?


We are porting the latest version of LoRaWAN-Node code to the ESP32-Arduino platform.

Due to the virus problem, we had to postpone the time of returning to work. All our engineers are at home and there is no test hardware. The migration process is really difficult. Hope to complete it within this week.

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Is there any update on this , please ?

i think there are still problems due to the corona virus.
and this is delaying all development.

hope all of you and your families are well.

Any news concerning this ?

I need LBT support for AS923 Japan on the Wireless Stick

The library has been updated to support AS923 since Feb 2020