Wireless Stick in TTN (community edition) - which Model Class

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in the process of adding a device to an application, you have the possibility to use different classes for the Model.

you will get this possibility:

Class A ABP
Class A OTAA
Class C ABP
Class C OTAA

Can someone explain the differences? I will add my content from my information asap… THX

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From my view this are 2 two ways to activate an end device (node) [ In my case the gecko-board]
OTAA means Over-The-Air-Activation and ABP means Activation-By-Personalisation
This is given by the LoRa Alliance for security reasons. (1.0.2

Maybe this video will help you to answer your questions similar to the ones I have.

OTAA needs the DevEUI,AppEUI and AppKey for the device. The Server needs the AppKey
EUI stands for Extended Unique Identifier which is 64-bits long.
The DevEUI is similar to MAC address known in the network world like a unique name like “Tjark Ziehm” :wink:
The AppEUI is similar to an port number of a server… that your devices know where to go in your TTN instance.
The AppKey is an AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard) on 128 bit symetric to make sure that your messages from the node are secure.

If you are new to LoRaWan i recommend the videos


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