Wireless Shell GPIO21 & GPIO37

Does Wireless Shell GPIO21 & GPIO37 have the same properties as Wireless Stick Lite?
Is there a Vext power management circuit inside?
Is there a voltage divider for GPIO37 inside?

Wireless Shell and Wireless Stick Lite use the same chip, but Wireless Shell only has a basic radio frequency circuit, and does not have Vext and voltage divider circuit. You can refer to the Wireless Stick Lite schematic to add them.

If the Wireless Shell does not have a Vext schema, where are the Vext contacts connected?

Why does the manufacturer keep the Wireless Shell scheme a secret from everyone?
How can I develop my board for this module without accurate information?
People! Please! If someone has already bought Wireless Shell - give it a scheme from a limited resource!
I really need to design the PCB

Sorry, Wireless Shell has Vext and is controlled by GPIO21. But it has no voltage divider circuit.