Wireless Shell + Dev Board Stability Issues

I have been having probolems with the wireless shell booting up and with some code running especially when the Wireless and LoRa fire up. I just checked the voltages and it would appear that it is getting draged down on startup and even when it starts runing I am seeing a running voltage of 2.905 Volts THe one I have on test at the moment finally started however its sitting down at 2.996V.

I gave some 3.3V PSU’s that I may hook up and see if that sorts the problem out.

Its strange as the current load is only 35.7ma.

I want to know how you got these voltages.

I have a DSO and checked the 3.3V line on the Wireless Shell Dev Board.
I also probed the 3.3V line on the Wireless Shell itself to double check the reading was correct.
Then the battery voltage and that was sitting at 4.2V and seemed prety stable.

The boot up however did improve when I added a reasonable sized capacitor to the 3.3V line. I suspect that the reason for the boot issues may be caused by something not being able to handle the sudden inrush curent required on boot.

I only tested the one board and will check the others however there seems to be an issue with the 2.4ghz RF side as per my other post and all 4 wireless shell’s i have set up almost look like they are attenuating the UFL connection.