Wireless Paper hardware fails

I purchased 2 Wireless_paper devices from Heltec and was told the shipping was 20~40 days out I then ordered 2 devices from Aliexpress, the Heltec devices arrived and then the Aliexpress devices made it. The Heltec Wireless_paper devices had one with display issues, alone the right boarder there is blobs blocking the pixels. Neither device from the factory would talk to each other over LoRa with the default firmware. Net results: 50% of the devices have display issues, 100% of the devices LoRa do not function, 1 out of 4 devices WiFi does not work. The Heltec FactoryTest for the Wireless_paper has to be downloaded from the git, it caused the displays to go nuts (image.h) and the QYEG0213RWS800_BWR.ino example does not work without modifying and the image.h does not display.
I have Emailed support twice with no response, this product needs some work, hardware and software, without LoRa and a working display: Useless Wireless Paper
Aliexpress bad display
Aliexpress Good display until FactoryTest loaded

Try using the factory test journey to adjust the LORA band to the appropriate value

#define RF_FREQUENCY 915000000 // Hz
In Arduino 2.1.1 modified tools/LoRaWan Region: REGION_US915
Compiled and loaded four devices, none would transmit or receive LoRa. All my Cube Cell HTCC-AB01 HTCC-AB02S, Wireless Stick Lite V3 and Wireless Stick V3 devices talk to each other without issues.