Wilreless Stick Lite ISM band

I bought a Wireless Stick Lite 868 Mhz, and cannot connect it over LoRa to a Heltec ESP32 LoRa board (868Mhz).
On the Wireless Stick box is marked “433~510”, but on its barcode label at the back of the box is marked 868/915. So it might be the ISM band of the board is not correct.
How to find out ? There is nothing printed about the ISM band on this board :-(, and I do not have an oscilloscope…
Can I derive it from some other info ?


could you privode the HD picture?

See pictures : the front of the box says 433 ~ 510, while the barcode on the back says 868/915.
However, on the pcb itself there is no indication at all :frowning: So how to find out for what band it is configured ???

Please contact the seller for replacement.