Wifi Lora32 on battery

Dear I am using Loranode 32
to send data via lora on battery
wifi and Ble and lcd is disabled
I am using 5800mA (18650 type) battery
but not getting life, its working for 3 to 4 days only
data I am sensing as below
1 value Tx = 36ms taking 51 mA and rest 0,8mA for 964ms (sleep mode)

please help and advise
I want the battery life span for 2 to 3 years atleast
please advise

Hi first these are not low power consumption nodes. They deep sleep around 1 mA, then there is WiFi BLE as well , so you will have a high current consumption.Try to measure the current with no sensor in deep sleep, then connect sensor but this will need to be controlled by powered by vector and only turned on in sketch for the reading of sensor.
Second you say a 5400mAh battery I am very concern on the cells capacity as even the best cells are normally only around 3400mAh and cost arround 6$US. If it was a cheep cell then will have very poor capacity. Do test this first I think you will be surprised. Seems a big Chinese con.
Try the CubeCell series if you want a long life or add a small 6V solar cell and they last for ever.
Summary test your battery capacity , check current consumption of you board on it own then the sensor. Then check that the sensor is turn off with vector control see example sketches for how and only turn in when out of deep sleep to read sensor.

Typo vector is Vext sorry.

Thanks for your message
and noted that its not low power consumption
and will check what you suggested
also I got cubecell now and will check with that
and will try to use also the solar panel for Cubecell
for the battery yes you are right and possible
I got the Panasonic and LG battery now and will check on them

I need your advise say

Tx current 50mA for 36ms
rest 964ms 0.8mA

how many days battery can last
if you can provide me th calculation for 3500mAH battery
please !

Hi you can use the energy calculater I have put on my site … https://github.com/Securethingsuk/Heltec_CubeCell/tree/master/Energy%20Calculator
Fill in the values and it will give you the life with some diferent options.