WiFi LoRa 32 V2 - using external power with USB?

I’ve searched around but would appreciate some help.

Will I ruin the board by trying this?
I would like to have the board normally powered by 5V (or maybe 3.3V if necessary), while being able to plug/unplug USB.

It doesn’t look like there are any diodes preventing current flow out of the 5V, or out of USB, like I’ve seen mentioned about trying this with other ESP32 variants. So, if they’re mismatched at all, where does it go?
I suppose the next step would be a circuit to switch my power supply on/off at the presence of USB. Am I missing an easier way?

Make USB adapter/separator.
USB cable (or external board with connectors) with power wire cut.
Or you can cut the power wire/trace and put there standard rectifier diode in series.