WiFi LoRa 32 (V2) [Help]


I’ve had a little problem with LoRa Esp32 V2 boards.

I have an application with 1km range betwen two LoRa module, the sender module send a bit data each 10s and the receiver keep all time listing the data, the receiver is not set to sleep any time.
But some times the module get stuck, the code too, and the display turns off too. The orange LED (power) still shining but not strong that before, seems almost off.

I’ve implemented a watchdog to avoid that, but it didn’t work.

Does this boards have a defult setting to sleep that i need change? i think no because i have other boards with the same applicantion working fine.
Can be an overvoltage that was bugging the module? or a noise in the AC power(i’m using Hilink 220Vac to 5Vdc with filters in both sides)?

If someone can help me.

You can try to add printing to see where the card is or what it is doing when it gets stuck.

When you say sometimes, how often? I’ve ran these boards transmitting and receiving at 3 times per second for a good 14 hours off battery (via JST port) and not seen that issue. I’ve also ran these just with an app for > 30 hours, display always on (5000mha battery).

This was using a 3.7v lithium ion supply. It might be worth you running off a couple of batteries to rule out your other power supply or not depending on what happens.