WiFi LoRa 32 (V2) Class C example? (SOLVED)

Hi all!
In the GitHub Heltec’s repo I read that “The ESP32_LoRaWAN library provides a fairly complete LoRaWAN Class A and Class C implementation”.
The OTAA examples in the repo are in class A only, but I would like to test Class C also… Is there some similar example somewhere made to work in class C?
Many thanks!

You only need to change a small part of the code to get an example of ClassC.

  1. Change the mode to “Class_C” at line 21 of the “LoRaMac-definitions.h” file.
  2. Change the 54 line of the “board.h” file to “#define IsLowPowerOn 0”

Thank you very much!! It works perfectly, and your precious help is very appreciated.
Thanks again!


Those two parameters are not in the GitHub library anymore, so OTAA samples don’t work.


In the new ESP32_LORAWAN library, you only need to define CLASS as CLASS_C in the 44th line of the “.ino” file in the example folder to open the CLASS_C mode.
like this:

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After some hours with technical problems, I finally succeeded to join and send messages with Heltec LoRaWan library to Orange LoRaWan Network.