WiFi LoRa 32 V2 as I²C Slave


i’m using the WiFi LoRa (ESP) 32 V2 in my University project and i would like to make this board act as a Slave in a I²C communication with a Raspberry Pi

In this site I found an example of a I²C between a Raspberry Pi (Master) and an Arduíno ( Slave) and I would like to do exactly the same (changing the Arduino to an Esp LoRa) .

I’ve managed to do this with a Raspberry and a regular ESP 32 too and it worked just fine. However, I don’t know why it is not working on this board. I’ve read that the board has 2 I²C bus lines and this may be the problem.

Can you please help me? Thank you very much for your attention,

Best Regards,


I have the same question and I don’t have found any answer!!!

What model or module do you mean by “regular ESP32”?

I’m using Heltec Wifi Lora 32 V2

What model is the “regular ESP 32” in your sentence?

Did you manage to connect Raspberry Pi with SX1276 LoRa V2 ESP32 LX6?