WiFi Lora 32 crashing on LoRaClass::handleDio0Rise()

My setup is multiple Cubecell transmitters with one wifi lora 32 v2 receiver. For 2 tx with 1 rx, I am receiving data for about 1-2 hours then after the wifi lora 32 v2 receiver is crashing and not restarting.

I based my code with the LoRaReceiverInterrupt.ino example. When using the LoRaReceiver.ino example, it is working for long time but I am missing a lot of packets compared to having LoRaReceiverInterrupt.ino. The crash message is below:

Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic'ed (LoadProhibited). Exception was unhandled.

but it traces to LoRaClass::handleDio0Rise(). Aside from LoRa I am also using BLE.

0x400dc494: **LoRaClass::handleDio0Rise()** at C:\Users\ESTRELLA_PC\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Heltec_ESP32\src\lora\ **LoRa.cpp** line **522** 0x400811a5: **LoRaClass::onDio0Rise()** at C:\Users\ESTRELLA_PC\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Heltec_ESP32\src\lora\ **LoRa.cpp** line **552** 0x400811f1: **__onPinInterrupt** at C:\Users\ESTRELLA_PC\Documents\Arduino\hardware\heltec\esp32\cores\esp32\ **esp32-hal-gpio.c** line **220**

Upon receiving a lora packet my application should forward to a phone app via BLE. So continuously it should both work. I segregated my test first with checking the LoRa communication, but after 1 hour-3 hours testing, it crashes.

I posted issue as well here for library reference.

You can also check my other topics to get the gist of all I have tried for Lora multiple tx/one rx communication.