WiFi LoRa 32 battery connector confusement

The site says the device has a “SH1.25 x 2 battery connecter” but the JST-SH connector is 1.00mm.
The JST-GH has 1.25mm, but the Heltec site explicity states “SH”.
This is very confusing.
Which JST connector do I need to buy for it to fit the Wifi Lora 32 V2?

Table: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JST_connector

I found these on amazon, which fit properly with WiFi LoRa 32 (V2)

Hmm, unfortunately I’m not in the US.
The article you linked does unfortunately not specify the exact type of JST connectors, but that’s what I need to know ^^

micro JST 1.25 mm pitch 2 pins
here is a similar listing from ebay

The article you linked has a pin spacing of 2.00 mm, I’m prety sure this won’t work.
Listen, I just need to know which exact type of JST I need to buy, not random links.

The WiFi LoRa 32 V2 fits JST-GH 1.25mm

I have exactly same question. The battery connector is JST GH or SH serie.

@jasonXu Friend can you help with this issue?

The JST documentation show SH serie is 1.0 mm pitch and GH serie is 1.25 mm pitch.

friend @jasonXu Any update about this ?

Sorry about late. Just came back from a business trip.

“JST GH” and “SH”, They are names defined by two different companies. SH-1.25mm is a name defined by a company in our country.

The actual situation is: the battery compartment spacing is 1.25mm. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Ok so I will ignore sh or gh part and focus on pich millimeters only. Thanks