WiFi Kit8 TX and RX Baud Rate

Good Day!
Is there a way to identify the baud rate TX and RX are running from Factory?
Also how can it be changed to most serial sensor requires?


here is the factory test code(The factory program of all WiFi kit 8 is this):

The key to the problem is that the baud rate set by the bootloader of esp8266 is 76800. But the bootloader seems to be difficult to modify.

So how would we set the baud rate to what our sensors require?

Also how many bytes the serial buffers hold?

There is no serial communication sample here.

Do anyone have accomplished serial communication with any sensor using the WiFi kit8?

If so, Can anyone guide the rest of us to a sample, so maybe the person in charge can spend a bit more time updating the documentations and provide real scenario samples?


could you tell us your sensor name?

we will buy a sample and do some test.