Wifi Kit 8 ino errors in Factory_Test

Hi forum,
I am attempting to reload my Wifi Kit 8 thing with the “Factory_Test” sketch, however I am receiving the following compile error:
““K:\My Work\Heltec test\Heltec_test\Heltec_test.ino: In function ‘void WIFIScan(unsigned int)’:
Heltec_test:15:5: error: ‘display’ was not declared in this scope
display->drawString(0, 9, “Scan done”);””

It took me an absolute age to even get this far as the json wasn’t working although after extensive searches I found an apparent fix on the internet - I now (after two weeks of trying) have the wifi kit 8 board in the Arduino IDE boards selector.

Any way, has anyone encountered this problem with the ino file? It seems to suggest the sketch iswritten in the wrong order although nothing I have tried so far, works - assistance or a pointer in the right direction would be most welcome.

I can compile and upload at my side. Did you installed the development framework correctly?