Wifi kit 8 (esp8266) board installation ERROR 13

The following is the output of Arduino IDE 2.0.4 under window11 when attempting to install BOARD
("Heltec ESP8266 series Dev-boards 0.0.4) by means of the board manager.
Tool heltec-esp8266:xtensa-lx106-elf-gcc@2.5.0-4-b40a506 already installed
Tool heltec-esp8266:mkspiffs@2.5.0-4-b40a506 already installed
Tool heltec-esp8266:mklittlefs@2.5.0-4-69bd9e6 already installed
Tool heltec-esp8266:python3@3.7.2-post1 already installed
Downloading packages
Installing platform heltec-esp8266:esp8266@0.0.4
Failed to install platform: heltec-esp8266:esp8266.
Error: 13 INTERNAL: Cannot install platform: installing platform heltec-esp8266:esp8266@0.0.4: searching package root dir: no unique root dir in archive, found ‘C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Local\Arduino15\tmp\package-2485397552__MACOSX’ and ‘C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Local\Arduino15\tmp\package-2485397552\esp8266-0.0.4’

  • I tried already running with administrator rights. Same output.
  • There is nohing at all in directory C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Local\Arduino15\tmp\

Any idea?

The only comment I can offer is that I’d be little concerned if, when trying to install something under Windows, I received an error massage that referenced MACOSX. I don’t know if, in this case, Heltec provides a platform specific package but you might check that you are actually trying to install something that’s intended to be installed under Windows.

I hate to post a wild guess but here goes:

I’m guessing the “__MACOSX” suffix of the first file came from an environment variable, or some such thing that’s specified incorrectly. It might be ‘normal’ (although silly) to download packages for both environments. It might be a clue as to what is wrong.

You might consider deleting the tmp directory and see if it fails differently; POSSIBLY you’ll get another clue.

Or… maybe try to install an older version of the package. Also… maybe a clue if it work (or if it doesn’t).

I sure hope you get someone that knows how all the mirrors and magic works. Good luck.