WiFi kit 8 and max30105

Hi relatively new to esp8266 based boards but had some success with my project however when I came across the heltec wifikit 8 was like a dream come true with battery connection charger etc but for the life of me I cant get the max30105 particle senor to be detected used all listed pin outs for the sda and scl but still not detected also then thought would try trial and error as had similar with other boards that pins not marked correctly but still no joy and probably a really easy fix but after searching the forums for max30105 can’t find anything so if any of you nice people can help me out with which pins should be connected to or what settings I would need to change i would be very very grateful I am using the example sketch for max30105 so not down to my lack of programing (or may be it is lol) thanks again in advance