WIFI KIT 32 no connection trough USB

I have 2 Wifi-Kit 32. If I connect them to usb they run the default sketch on it, and show the wifi-scan.
But I’m not able to connect them to a PC to upload my Sketches. What do I’m wrong? I have installed the usb-driver - Everything I tryed. I have also tryed on 3 different Pc’s to get a com. Driver installed.
I Don’t know…

Thank you

Make sure you have a DATA USB cable, some have power only.

Hi, I have a Nodemcu that is workung with the same cable.

Sounds like you are using a PC, so this may not be relevant but updating the driver fixed issues for the wifi-lora-esp32 for me

where do I get the latest driver - I think I have just installed this? I tryed on 3 Windows 10 Pc