Wifi Kit 32 is not connecting to wlan

Hello guys. I have two Wifi Kit 32 boards and both of them are having issues getting connected to a wlan. I have tried configuring them to connect to my home router unsuccessfully. After that, I tried connecting them to my cell phone. After several minutes and putting my cell phone very close to it (like 10 cms) it was able to connect.
I have done the same tests using a Wireless Stick Lite and it was able to connect to my router and to my cell phone without any issues.
Is there any hardware problem with the Wifi Kit 32 using wlan. I have noticed that the built-in antenna is very small and there is no way to connect an external antenna.
Any idea to be able to connect this board to wifi?

If you are using a breadboard, it can be the problem. The bradboad shields the module, try to use the module stand alone