Wifi 32 V3 and SD Card interfacing/Sample Code

Hello All,

I’m just getting started with Wifi 32 V3 and I downloaded this file

to have the pinout nomenclature.

Question 1:

Should I use the software https://github.com/espressif/arduino-esp32/pull/7846 for the Wifi 32 V3 card ?

Question 2:

I want to interface an SD card and based on this diagram what pinouts should be used for

  1. MOSI
  2. SCK
  3. MISO
  4. CS

Question 3:
Can anyone point me to Wifi 32 V3 example code that I can use with an SD Card ?

Thanks in advance for your reply(ies),


WiFi_Kit_series/esp32/libraries/SD at master · Heltec-Aaron-Lee/WiFi_Kit_series (github.com)