What happens in case of LoRa crc error

I have CubeCell AB01 and AB02 running with LoRa - not LoRaWAN. I wonder what will happen in case of a CRC error:

  • are packets with CRC error discarded?
  • can CRC error be detected by the application and so discarded?

From the SX1262 datasheet section 7.4:

“All the received data will be written to the data buffer even if the CRC is invalid, permitting user-defined post processing of
corrupted data. When receiving, if the packet size exceeds the buffer memory allocated for the Rx, it will overwrite the
transmit portion of the data buffer.”

I assume this will not be different for the SX127x.

So that entirely depends on the software you are running. I expect most stacks will discard a message if the CRC yields an error, but it may be the case that it is still available for use. You’ll have to investigate your used library/stack.

Thank you, bns, for your quick answer. For CubeCell I used the library provided by Heltec, i.e. what comes with LoRaWAN_App.h and I found nothing there. So I will switch over to RadioLib, which I already used for other processors. That one returns CRC error information.

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There is a callback called RxError in the RadioEvents_t enum, similar to the RxDone and TxDone callbacks.

Looking at the source code (radio.c) it looks like this callback is called when a CRC-error happens:

if( ( irqRegs & IRQ_CRC_ERROR ) == IRQ_CRC_ERROR )
                if( ( RadioEvents != NULL ) && ( RadioEvents->RxError ) )
                    RadioEvents->RxError( );

LoraWan102/src/radio/radio.c line 1159-1168.