We have a new handy tool on the CubeCell basis.


It combines a little hardware dongle (CubeCell Module and GPS) with a nice Software.
It only uses 1 USB port for both devices. A short antenna for LoRaWAN is attached and a GPS antenna is integrated, but you can add the antennas you want for LoRaWAN and GPS using the SMA connectors,

Now you can quickly test LoRaWAN coverage with OTAA or ABP authentication with confirmed transmits.
The software logs the position and position quality and the LoRaWAN signal quality.

We designed it for field testing the LoRaWAN coverage to find good mounting points for new gateways.
All LoRaWAN testers we have found are terrible expensive (150 EUR and up), this little dongle will only be about 50 EUR and the software is absolutely free.

Hope to release a beta to the public in a week.


Good, will def. try this out.

just added google maps visualisation.

Very cool! How did you wire up the CubeCell and the GPS? Or is it a product you are selling?

this is a new product we are selling (WASN product site).

It is based on the CubeCell modul and a NEO6m GPS.

But you can easily build it on your own using a CubeCell dev board
You can find all informations here:


changes maps from google to openstreetmaps

you can flash the CubeCell device out of the mapper software and you can find all information you need to build one by yourself.

Great Björn!
I will give it a try this evening.

Is the wiring really TX to TX and RX to RX from the cubecell board to GPS?
The serial wirings I knew so far are crossed TX to RX and vice versa.

Yes thats right the cubecell does not communicate with the gps. The gps directly communicates over the serial usb bridge with the pc.
The NEO6M GPS module is initialized when clicking on connect with the higher baudrate of 115200 like the cubecell

i know its dirty but the easiest way without the need of additional hardware like usb hub or IIC2Serial converter

I just flashed the board and connected the GPS. I see the GPS sequences scrolling in the GPS field, but for the moment I am indoor and do not get a fix. I guess outside it would do the expected.

But I did not pay attention, how the board an GPS works together. Thank you for making clear.

It would be great, if we could connect the GPS directly to the cubecell board via serial, so we would not need a PC any more. Something like the TTGO T-Beam tracker.
Do you think, this will be possible one day?

I am working on a version with an iic to serial converter.
But there is a asr6502 version in the queue with an extra serial port.