WakeUp from LoRa signal?

Hello people!

I´m new in this forum and Arduino develop too.

My question is: Is possible o wake up a WiFi LoRa 32 v2 by the air ?

If yes, how can I do? Any example?


No it is not possible by design of LoRaWAN network.

The reason is that the downlink message (from the network to the node) can be sent only exactly one or two seconds after the uplink message (in mode A in which most of nodes and LoRaWAN networks work).
So your device first have to send message to the network (i.e. must be in active state) and only after that it can receive message from the network.

But the node can be programmed to wake up periodicaly and eventualy check the network if it is requested to do something (send some kind of message: “have I something to do?” and wait for downlink answer from network).

Dear serych,

Many thanks for your explanation!

It will be very useful in my project.

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