Vext/5v/3.3v power in

I’m hoping to power the Wireless Stick I have from another (5V) arduino
(that will be plugged into DC adapter)

In worst case I guess I could use the USB power in, but since the pins above are available was hoping I could safely hook up power to them.


Both 5V or 3.3V can be a input pin.

Refer to this page (Tech Specs part):

However, if I ONLY have 5V from the other arduino, will that still work ?
(its not a normal Arduino, its more of relay shield so I can’t get to all pins)

Seems like Vext assumes 3.3v, so I would need a 5v to 3.3v regulator in that case, or is there a way to use the built in regulator (without hooking up the the USB pins).

Yes, if the output current is over your system need, it’s can work well.

BTW. the Vext is 3.3V output, for low power design, can’t be a input.