Using Ni-Cd or Ni-MH rechargeable Batteries instead of a LiPo


I have a Question, is it any trouble to use 3 x 1.3 V AA NiCd rechargeable batteries instead of a LiPo battery to be recharged using solar cells?


using the Cubecell development board recharging system I asked.

No. LiPo charging is quite different from Nickel.

ok thanks!

What a pity, the prototipe is in a sunlight environment but the use of Lithium batteries is not allowed.

Other thing. I tested the board to be sure wich connector is GND and Vin and is well indicated but they are opposite as in the LiPo I have.

I upload a picture.

Not on my CubeCell PCBs. The battery connector is exactly as marked. How are you checking it?

Sorry, not sure what you’re saying. Is the PCB correct? Are you saying your LiPo is wrong?

just change the pins in your lipo connector

Yes, excuses. The LiPo I’ve take the photo comes from a toy with it’s own charger etc. I look for generic LiPos and I see the wires position is done as the board needs.

Anyway I see that if you need just only wires with connector depending on the seller not always have the same position, take care to check it before buying them.