Using ADC GPIOs and LoRa pins simultaneously


I am working with Heltec Wifi LoRa 32 (v2) for a small project. My aim is to acquired analog data from the ADCs and transmit this data via LoRa.

I am trying to configure pins 34,35,27 and 14 as ADCs (along with a few more). Once I power up the board, the LoRa says “Starting LoRa failed!”. However, I am able to use LoRa if I am not configuring these pins as ADCs.

My question is, Is not possible to use LoRa defined pins for any other purpose if I am using LoRa on board? If it is possible, could someone please let me know the method to enable ADCs and LoRa to be used simultanesly?

Thanks in advance

From the schematic diagram of Wifi LoRa 32, we can see that pins 34, 35, 27, and 14 have been used for LoRa, so these pins cannot be used as ADCs when using LoRa. You can choose other unused ADC pins when using LoRa.

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